Value Added Services

Structured Wiring, Off-Site Back-Up, and Web Design.

Off-Site Back-Up

Novusys is an Information Technology company. Although, we specialize in IT consultation, services, and support, our clients are also entitled to a number of other Value-Added Services. These services are in addition to the full-line of IT solutions we provide our clients. At Novusys, we believe that our customers should be entitled to additional benefits for choosing us for their IT solutions. Some of the value-added services we provide are: Structured Wiring, Off-Site Back-Up, and Web Design.


Structured Wiring allows us to simple run cables and wires from individual rooms/offices to one or multiple media distribution panels. This allows the network in your business to be easily accessed, repaired, and modified. Structured wiring lays the groundwork for future technology enhancements. We also provide our clients with Off-Site Back-Up. This allows our clients to have a safe and secure place to back-up their data that is easily accessible and worry-free to manage. We only utilize the best back-up software and support programs.

Structured Wiring
Web Design

The newest addition to our Value-Added Services is our professional web design. Over the years, we have gained the experience and knowledge of the internet needed to design you the most professional website. Our websites are not only aestetically appealing, but also highly efficient at driving traffic to your website.
No matter what you are in need of, Novusys will find a solution for you.


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  • Structured Wiring
  • Off-Site Back-Up
  • Web Design
  • And our exceptional 24/7 support
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