Voice Services or Phone Services

Voice Services

Besides our exceptional managed and hosted IT services, Novusys is also known industry wide for our premier Voice Services, or phone services. We offer our clients On-Site VoIP, Hosted VoIP, as well as, Traditional PBX systems. Our advanced VoIP telephone systems allow to you have all the benefits of the larger, more expensive PBX systems, without the expense and equipment. All of our VoIP telephone systems come with a variety of features, including: extension dialing, speed dialing conference calls, conference bridges, voicemail, call center routing, and much, much more.


Our Hosted VoIP systems are in high demand. They provide you with real-time, two-way voice capability over a broadband connection. This combines the two most common tools of business, the phone and internet, allowing you to create a single communication platform that has the best of both worlds. The best part about our Hosted VoIP systems is the fact that they deliver cutting-edge technology with automatic software updates, while still remaining cost-effective.

No matter what type of voice service you are looking for, Novusys will be able to help. Depending on your business’s needs, we can customize an On-Site VoIP or Hosted VoIP to your exact specifications. If a VoIP system is not exactly what you’re looking in need of, our technicians will work with you to set up a Traditional PBX Telephone System.

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