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Novusys provides Outsourced IT solutions to Small & Medium sized Businesses in Chicago and the surrounding area.

 Our customized and flexible approach allows us to significantly reduce the cost of supporting and maintaining an internal IT department while reducing downtime. Let us end your frustration with:

Real time Network Monitoring

Backup & Recovery

Security Administration

Anti-Virus Management

Database Management

Server Management

Managed Services

Novusys Managed Services addresses the every day IT concerns companies deal with and provides a strategically sound and economical solution. We use our technical expertise to proactively manage and maintain your IT systems. We provide application and database administration, operating systems and network administration, and 24/7 support.

Hosted Services

Novusys offers both physical and virtual hosting infrastructures complete with security, firewalls, antivirus and updates. Novusys also offers colocation, saving its customers money by reducing in-house IT infrastructure such as bandwidth and network. As your business grows you need to be able to expand your IT system as quickly as possible, with Novusys custom services you can do just that.

Voice Services

Novusys Hosted VoIP provides real-time, two-way voice capability over a broadband connection, combining the two most-used tools of the business trade, the phone, and computer/Internet, creating a single communications platform that delivers the best of both worlds. An outsourced and fully managed solution, Novusys Hosted VoIP delivers technology that doesn’t cost much, provides automatic software updates and is highly scalable to accommodate growth.


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